Personal message only certain users

I’m building a community and would like to allow only private messages from certain groups only to admins/moderators, for examples users in group 1 can only message moderators & admins, not other users in group 1. Is this possible?

I’m trying to turn the messages feature into a support feature, basically.

Thanks in advance

Have a look at GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-allow-pm-to-staff: Allow private messages to be sent to staff for users who could otherwise not send private messages.

It allows all users to pm staff.

If you want it only for some groups it’ll need some changes, I think.


Actually, if you set the group setting who can message this group to ‘everyone’ it supersedes the personal message allowed group settting.

So if you set up a group called eg. @support you can have everyone allowed to send it a PM even if they cant send PMs to anyone else.


Aha! I wasn’t paying attention to that and think I modified my plugin after that change got made. I may need to take a look at that again.


Yep I managed to get that working, thanks to both!!


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