Allow PM mentions plugin. Restore group (@admins) mentions in user messages for Discourse 2.2 and up

(DaveK) #1

As you may know already, the ability to mention @admin groups within PMs was removed in Discourse 2.2. I found this feature very useful (so did my community) and I was sad to see it go. However, with the help of @mbcahyono, we’ve made this feature a selectable option via this plugin.

It’s a super simple plugin that only adds one setting to your discourse instance:

So, if your users miss the old way of inviting admins to PMs, feel free to use it.



This plugin allows your users to mention @admins in their PMs. The tag sends a notification to all admins in the admin group.

Note: This will only work on admin group mentions, not regular users.

Thank you.

Group mentions and messages
(Stephen) #2

It might make sense to rename it “allow PM mentions” particulally for new communities who were never aware of the pre 2.2 loophole where this worked.

(DaveK) #3

Fixed (I think). Thank you.