Auto-invite mentioned users in PM's

I find that I always expect Discourse to invite new users that I @mention in a PM into the conversation (that’s a compliment for Discourse :wink: ). It would be great that upon submitting a PM with such mentions, a dialog opened to ask ‘Invite users X,Y and Z?’. Just a thought. Happy holidays! :christmas_tree: :wine_glass:


@ is used to assign or mention, isn’t it a safe assumption?

If you’re just looking for username autocomplete you could always remove the @ prior to submission?

I feel I wasn’t clear enough in my description, here’s my main usecase:

  • A user sends me a private message
  • I want to bring in a moderator and @mention him (same as I would in any public topic)
  • It would be great if this mentioned moderator was invited to the private message.

Does that clear it up?


At the bottom of the first post to every PM - regardless of whether you or a user initiated it - is a big blue button to Add or Remove a user. Adding the mod would bring him/her into the PM.
I understand you’d rather have the “invite” work by simply mentioning him within a post. I’ll have to look through my PMs when I get back later to see if I did that in any PMs that have multiple users. Probably won’t be until about 00:30 UTC though.

Yes, I’m aware I can manually invite people. My point was to automate it when you mention someone because I always forget to :slight_smile:

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I understood from the start. The other thing that can happen is you mention someone in a context that you don’t want to include them in the conversation and they get included.

This happened to me when I forwarded an email to support with an bunch of emails from the user. I was trying to give support a heads up that the user needed help, but that user got included and thought they I was being rude. So, I’m a little afraid of accidentally including people. :wink:


@pfaffman this won’t invite anyone accidentally, right?


Probably not. :wink:

I’m just paranoid.