Allow reply-to individual instead of topic/forum (mailing list feature)

(Tobias Eigen) #41

Thanks Tarek!

Can you remove the reply all button change?

My second point is just that there is no reply to sender functionality. If I were to hit reply it would go to discourse, not directly to the sender by email, bypassing diacourse. Make sense?

(Tarek Loubani) #42

try editing this file:

(Tobias Eigen) #43

thanks, tarek! what about the second point? if I’m right then there’s no need for me even to have this plugin turned on. Mailing list mode seems to not be affected.

I’ll watch it for a few days and let you know what happens. :rocket:

(Tarek Loubani) #44

I’m not sure how that comes to pass for you. For me, obviously it works as advertised. Did you perhaps not enable the plugin? settings > plugins > replyto-individual enabled

(Tobias Eigen) #45

yep - it’s enabled.

does the plugin work with mailing list mode turned on?

(Tarek Loubani) #46

Yes. Not sure what’s happening on your installation there.

(Tobias Eigen) #47

ok - we’ll let it play out for a few days. it’s a quiet, new forum and there haven’t been any posts since I enabled your plugin.

I did update just now to change them as follows - but the topic button still says “reply all” not “reply”.

(Tarek Loubani) #48

Hello all,

For those using this plugin, it is currently known to be broken. I’m working on fixing it at the moment.