Allow same posting via mail-in to more than one category?

We use discourse to replace mailing lists. It seems, that if a user sends an email to two categories (e.g. cata@example.tld and catb@example.tld via mail-in to start a new thread, only in the first category cata a new post is made and the post for the second category catb is silently discarded. I would expect, that the post is made to both categories.
Use case: e.g. the canteen wants to inform department A (using cata) and department B (using catb) about the weekly menu.

Which setting do I need to change, to make it work? :slight_smile:
Thanks, Simon

I think you could try tweaking allow duplicate topic titles:

And I think if it’s one email but with two category ‘recipients’ you may also need to reduce unique posts mins:

You could give those a try and see if that helps?

Though clicking on a couple of Related Topics at the bottom of this one, this guy tried it out last year and didn’t get very far…

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I tried right now with the proper settings and only one topic was created. :pensive:

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You have to send two separate messages. The message id is used to connect the message to the topic.

Topics cannot be in more than one category.


I can follow the (technical) reasoning/limitations, and at the same time the use case is there. Not sure if it’s worth to open a feature request…?

I could be very wrong (I don’t know much about Discourse code), but my feeling says it wouldn’t be a simple change, and I believe it’s the first time such a feature has been asked. Every feature started with a first message, though.

I also think it’s an edge case. You can still ask for it, of course. :slight_smile:


Sending the same email to multiple email lists is quite common (e.g. to a low-traffic announcement-only list and a high-traffic discussion list) and some people want to replicate that on a forum. I’m sure it’s been mentioned here a few times, though this is the only exact match I found today:

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In that case, no one will be expecting to be able to reply to the announcement and have it go to the announcement list and the discussion list, so sending two separate messages, while annoying, doesn’t interfere with the desired behavior.

What I think you’re really asking for is for a topic to be in two categories. (At least I can’t come up with another solution, but maybe I’m missing some clever workaround.) That’s not going to happen.


In that example, the person sending the original email would expect his single email to be sent to both email lists.

I’m not asking for it, but if I were I’d be asking for a simpler solution – for one email to create two entirely separate topics in separate categories.


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