Start multiple email topics at once using gmail aliases

So I have setup reply by email, and starting a topic via email. The way this is set up is:

Pop3 polling email: noreply @ domain . com
Each category has its own alias on So category1 @ domain . com, category2 @ domain . com etc all go to noreply as an alias. This was done to reduce costs per user, and remove the requirement of forwarding all emails to noreply.

Starting a topic by sending an email one of the aliases works fine. However, I have a problem where if I start a topic via email to multiple aliases at one time by CC’ing them, or sending the emails at the same time, the topic is only started in one of the categories, rather than all of them.

Is there any way to fix this and make it so that i can start multiple topics via email at once - or will I have to send emails one by one?

Thanks guys

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In Discourse, a topic can only be in one category. (You can, however, tag a topic with multiple tags.) So even if you were to create this topic from the Discourse UI, you would still only be able to select one category.


I guess he wants several (identical) topics created in each of the emailed categories.
Is that correct, @Jazz_FA ?

From an exterior POV, it doesn’t necessarily seem to make sense to create the exact same thing in several categories (duplicates), but he may have a use case for it.

Yeah, that’s right @Mevo. We have several different groups that are entirely separate and sometimes we need to individually send all or a few of them the same information. The easiest way from our end is to send an email to all of those categories at the same time. But when the categories all use email aliases rather than unique email addresses the system only registers it as one email and starts only a single topic

I don’t know, but I’m not sure THIS is your problem, here.
It may very well be that it wasn’t planned an email could create several times the same topic in several categories because it has more than one recipient. Alias or unique email having nothing to do with it.

So it may be the case that if i send one email to two unique email addresses, only one topic wold be created?

This is a good point, I’ll test this next week.

I’m assuming if this is the case, there would be no work around other than sending separate emails?