Allow searching in multiple categories at once

Is there any way to search in 2 categories (and only those 2 categories) at the same time?

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I don’t believe you can restrict search to only two categories site-wide, and it currently appears you cannot search in any more than one defined category at a time.

Can you explain the use case for using something like this?

Thanks for popping in here. On our site, we have a wishlist category (for user suggestions). This category requires approval and is heavily curated to avoid duplication and to consolidate votes. We also have a #roadmap category for subjects that have moved from the wishlist to an actual development process.

We ask users to search BOTH categories before submitting, but they rarely do. Also, our mods need to search both categories if they are not sure if a submission is already on the wishlist or roadmap.

It would be great to be able to do both of these searches at once, rather than having to conduct two separate searches.

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Great - thanks for explaining. I’ve moved this to #feature!