Separation of categories?

We are currently testing using Discourse as a main central point for conversations and support for our platform which includes hardware, software and apps. We have third party developers who develop for our platform and our customer base is the education industry.

So we wanted two main categories “Developer” and “EDU Community”.

Developer would be used by software developers and edu community would be used by school teachers - two completely different groups.

The issue I noticed is when on a main category page, the default search will be checked to only search within that category - this is good and the behavior we want. But when you go into a topic and click search, the “search only within this topic” is not checked and will provide results for all categories.

Is there a way to turn off this choice so that it will always be default search only within the category you are in?

We don’t want to mix developer topics with edu community topics in searches…

actually answered my own question - I will just install another instance on a separate sub-domain! Cheers!


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