Allow sorting tags and categories alphabetically in Docs

Is it possible to order categories and tags alphabetically instead of by count? When there are many tags, finding the one I’m looking for involves a lot of visual scanning. For example, the tag advertising is listed far down instead of where one would expect the “A’s” to be.


Very reasonable request.

@Designers I feel like that sidebar is up for a visual revamp anyway, something about it is not feeling right. When we do that we should also add a little icon or something for flipping sorting between “count/name”


Curious if you find this reasonable too, but I would find it very helpful to have the option to group categories and their subcategories like in the categories page. Maybe even visually hierarchically nested like in a list:

  • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Subcategory
  • Category
    • Subcategory

Has there been any movement on the tag sorting?

Great timing!

Just today we merged an update that allows sorting by count, or alphabetically. We also now have a filter for searching for a specific tag or category.


Fantastic! And thanks for the extra filtering option, too!

tags din docs


How did you do it?


To filter tags in Docs, just start typing in the filter field:

Docs tag filter