Allow specific people (regardless of trust level) to edit a topic

First of all, I know that a member can make their topic a wiki, which allows other members to edit. However, a group inside of a forum may not be able to use this feature if some of their members are not TL3. I don’t feel as there is much of a issue regarding maturness and vandalism of a topic if the topic creator allows just someone they trust to do it.

You can make a category where posts are automatically wikis.


Yes, but it wouldn’t work for the purpose. Lemme try to explain: I am currently on a mobile flight simulator forum (Infinite Flight), and am apart of an organization that does weekly flights. We do this in a specific category, but sometimes only one person runs an event one-time. Also, we want members that are not TL3 to be able to edit the post to add people who want to join the event.

If you can trust that people won’t edit the wiki maliciously, you can just make a flight category so that all posts are wikis. Anyone will be able to create a wiki. Anyone with access to the category will be able to edit it.

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Yea, that’s the one problem. We can’t quite trust everyone. Since the forum is about a simulator (or game), there are many young, and immature members. That’s why I asked if it could only be specific people that we trust.

This can only be done by category, with specific group permissions. There is no concept of per topic permissions in Discourse outside of PMs.


Yep. That’s why this is a feature request. However, is this irrelevant then? So this isn’t going to happen?

Right. I am not one of the developers, but I feel safe saying that there is not and will not be per-topic permissions any time soon.


I still don’t understand, though, why the restricted category solution doesn’t work for you…


The community is made up of alot of younger members. Sometimes, we don’t want everybody to be able to access a certain type of topic. Somebody could vandalize the topic. We only want members of the specfic group to be able to access it. Sometimes it’s just a single person running the event.

Yes, so why don’t you use a category that gives edit permissions only to that specific group?


That would mean we have tons of categories… possibly… well, 100.

The Discourse solution is to either teach people not to be vandals, or to kick out people who are vandals. Or don’t let people who are vandals have access to those categories.

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Ok, maybe not quite 100. There are ALOT of groups creating events at the same time. We would also want this to be unified into one category for people to find events. Having every single new group have it’s one category would clutter the forum and be time-consuming. The forum I am mentioning is, you could head over there and see if you could understand abit better.

I guess that makes sense. People would be kicked when vandalizing a topic.

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Wikipedia manages. :slight_smile:

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So which is it? Lots of categories or one category. It sounds to me like on category is enough and each event will be a topic, or something like that.

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Ok. You can close this topic now. Many people in a different topic have suggested different solutions. Thank you.

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