Allow TL4 users to see mod flags?

TL4 users are granted moderator powers, minus the ability to approve users and to see moderator flags. The former makes sense to me, but the latter seems like it would help them contribute to the chore of moderating a community much more effectively.

My own use case: I have a closed forum, and users must be approved to join. However, there’s an out-of-band approval process that new members must go through, and it is best if not all moderators can approve users in order to ensure that they have actually gone through the approval process and have been vetted and whatnot. However, the forum still needs people to assist in post management so I’m using TL4 for that. However, they can’t see flags for posts despite having the ability to move, delete, etc.

I don’t believe TL4 has the ability to delete posts.

No “Delete topic”:

No “Take action” (which hides/deletes the post)

Given this, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be able to handle flags - they don’t have the authority to actually handle them (deleting the post, etc)


Ah. That’s true; all they have is “make invisible.”

I suppose tweaking the backend to use some kind of “hide-topic-and-promote-flag” thing based on whether it’s a TL4 looking at the flag or a mod might be a bit too much work.