Flag option to include TL4 to move posts

One category of request we get is to move posts from one topic to another. This typically happens with a “Something Else” flag to the moderators.

However, we have several TL4s who can do this, but there’s no easy way for users to include them in the request to move, meaning that it might take a lot longer before a moderator or admin to see the request and do the move. This seems like the sort of thing that would require its own option (and we definitely get them enough). Or possibly this could be an enhancement to the “Off Topic” flag.


It seems to me that one of the simplist solutions would be to expose Off Topic flags to TL4, since most of the reason for the OT flag is to flag asking for a topic split.

I’d probably still require a mod+ to resolve the flag, but having TL4 be able to see that level of flag and respond would improve response time and spread the load out over more people.


I like the idea of exposing the offtopic flag list (and counter) to TL4, provided resolution is left to mods.

In fact I think all the automated flags (spam / offtopic / inappropriate) should be “exposed” to TL4 in an anonymous fashion, we did this for StackExchange and it worked quite well.

I would go as far as to say that “spam” list should be exposed to TL3 as well.

@codinghorror thoughts?


What could a TL3 user do about it?

Resolution meaning Agree / Disagree / Defer? That seems reasonable.

Easy, they can flag it as spam :slight_smile:

Eh…I guess so. Our spams seem to be initially flagged by TL3s, and it seems like that hides it from the rest of them. This sounds likely to cause confusion, at least for our users.

As a user who is currently a TL3, how would that work UI wise? Would we get notifications about each and every spam? Would there be a seperate page to go to just to see the spam-list?
Why would a TL3-user want to flag spam as spam in the first place? Would they also be able to clear spam flags? (So many questions)

It’s not like we don’t like some confusion every once in a while, right? :smiley:

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I tend to agree with this. TL 3 can flag a post as spam to hide it already. Our TL 3 users do that routinely. Some of our TL 3 even recategorize topics where appropriate.

I think notifying TL 3 of posts flagged as spam would be a bit confusing. At the very least, it should only notify them if it was done by a TL 2 or below, as the post is likely still visible and their flag will hide it.


Part of clearing spam is deleting the spam and possibly the user, plus blacklisting his IP address. That’s definitely not something a TL3 should be doing.


Oh, no, thats not what I meant. I should have made myself more clear.

By clearing spam flags I mean unflagging posts that were wrongly flagged as spam.

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That seems safe to me.

I am not saying thats how it should be or debating on what is safe or not. As I stated before, I still have trouble understanding how the TL3 power / responsiblity balance fits in with things. I was just wondering on how “seeing the spam-list” would change the interaction I - as a TL3 - would have. I mean, just showing people above a certain trust level a list isn’t accomplishing anything, right? And flagging a post that was flagged as spam as spam (again) sounds weird, too.

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No, I get that. I wouldn’t mind if TL 3 had a list of “posts flagged as spam” and had two buttons, Agree and Disagree.

Agree would silently flag it again as spam to hide it. Disagree would clear the flag from the post. The thought being TL 3 are supposed to represent trusted users. These are things you can practically do today as a TL 3 user.

When a TL 3 flags something as spam the post gets hidden immediately, so that falls in line with the Agree button.

As TL 3, if you see a post that “doesn’t look spammy” to you, regardless if someone else flagged it, your lack of flagging it as well shows you disagreed with the prior person (on a very theoretical level – since you don’t actually know the person flagged it). So that “sort of” falls in line with the Disagree button (maybe Disagree simply removes the post from the TL 3 Spam List, and thus Moderators/Staff must deal with that post?).

I really don’t mind giving TL 3 a list to work (should they choose to do so). However. I feel it equally important to let TL 3 decide NOT to work it. They should have a way to exempt themselves from any notifications that list may shoot out. They are not staff, they are not required to perform those duties.

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I could agree with this if it clears the flag for other TL3s. It might still make sense for a mod/admin to take a look.

Heh…maybe I should read the whole post before starting a reply. :smile:

Alternatively, maybe until staff gets there, you tally up the votes of TL3s. A “positive” flag / agree count keeps it hidden. And the staff member who comes along can see the count of agrees / disagrees.

It’s possible we’ve entered a rathole here.


Oooh, I kind of like that. :smile:

As if that were possible! :smile:

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Any further thought on this? Would really like to get the TL4s more involved in this.

I know that over on TDWTF many of us are promoted to TL4 to help with tasks like this, but because of the lack of visibility, we have to rely on personal judgement to decide when to perform low-level mod-like activities. This requires us to first see a problem, and then personally decide that it is enough of a problem to warrant action. Often, I end up not taking any action unless I see a post asking for something to be done.

Being able to see these sort of flags would be a great help as it would help us know where the community thinks there are problems. This would alleviate the issues faced by TL4 who are asked to work as mini-mods by both letting us know where there are problems and how severe the community thinks the issues are.


In the meantime I suggest a meta “requests for mini-mods” topic. Post a request there, like it when it is completed.

Good luck keeping it on topic over there, though.

Keep in mind we are fine with flag visibility (without mod messages) eg access to an anonymized flag queue. for TL4 … I would possibly even allow TL3 to see this (configurable)

But … it involves building quite a bit of new UI.

Maybe a search param would be a good place to start?