Allow to rename file names of uploaded images

After an image is uploaded, its name is shown when you mouse over:

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for users nor for SEO.
It would be good if moderators and post authors were able to change that name after upload.

NB. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to ask users to rename images before uploading because:

  1. They often do screenshots and the file name is given to the screenshot automatically and copied to the clipboard.

  2. The often just copy a URL to an existing image on the net and just insert it.

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This was already suggested. The uploader will keep the original file names.

I cannot find where there is such a proposition, could you please point me to the message which discusses the same that’s being proposed in this topic?

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There was previous discussion of this, but it is a lot of work to implement and far simpler to simply respect the filename that is uploaded.

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