Text under topic image instead of file name and size

Is it possible to change the file name and size overlay to a free text? Thanks!


What does “change to a free text” mean? I don’t understand.

Change the filename, then re-upload the file. The metadata contains the original filename of the file that was uploaded.

Is it possible to change the File name after uploaded the file? or While uploading the file? Instead of renaming the original file in Device and then uploading it to discourse site?
I see many users in my discourse site also doing same thing and it’s quite hard to explain them. It hugely affects the screen reader as well as the “Alt” for Search engines.

:man_shrugging: if it’s important to the user, you’d think they would upload an image with a proper filename.


Sorry, what I meant is a caption. I assume that many images illustrate the accompanying topic and are not there as a mere “object” that needs to show its metadata. For a new project I would like to use Discourse in a more journalistic way and captions for images would be great in that respect… Maybe there are any workarounds?

This image is named pocket-operator.jpg

This image is named Rod_dice.png


Note the markup

<img src=".../3X/4/e/4e370d19f62af884c2f12f407910144821309aee_2_690x340.jpeg" alt="pocket-operator" width="690" height="340">

<img src=".../3X/0/f/0f0c211a87ec72550f991e737ad3d3763e140ad0.png" alt="Rod_dice" width="476" height="262">

As you can plainly see, the filename is in the metadata.


I would need something like this.

Rename the file to that, and upload it.


That might not work if it’s the same file though.

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Right, the idea is to name the file properly before upload :wink:

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Can he edit the markdown?

Still, I would assume that the average user prefers a caption - if available - to the file’s metadata.


I was looking for this as well. Seems not resolved here… but found a solution

![alt text](/src/of/image.jpg "title")