True Name on File Upload?

  1. Is there a setting that allows us to retain the original file name on uploads?
  2. Is there a setting to define a directory to upload to?
  3. Is there a way to define an upload folder for Admins seperate from General Membership?
  4. Is anyone developing a plugin for community cloud-sharing, like ownCloud, for example?
    ownCloud Feature Overview & Possibilities

Any insight or advice is appreciated.

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We always keep track of the original filename and show it in the lightbox for images.

No. Uploads are global.

Not that I know of.


Thanks Régis,
When updating the default branding

This file name . . .

Is babelized into this . . . :confused:

How can I stop this or is it a security feature?


It is a security feature.


New to discourse, and am curious about these filenames.

What is the security flaw in having a clean filename if the uploader can sanitize it?

There are a lot of SEO benefits lost when you can’t have decent filenames. Would love to find a way around this.

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Discourse is not in any way intended as a file hosting platform, so security > hand wavy SEO in this particular case.

Also I’m pretty sure DropBox et al do not work this way either so the argument that it should include the filename in the URL is pretty weak?


Yes, I wish there as a way to name the uploaded images with a SEO compatible name too.