Allow_uncategorized_topics doesn't work on mobile

When I set allow_uncategorized_topics to false, “Uncategorized” category doesn’t show on PC but show on mobile.

Discourse v2.3.0.beta11 +34
Chrome for Android 75.0.3770.89

Seems like an improbable regression. Have you reloaded on mobile?

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Thanks for your replying.
Yes, and it occured with incognito tab or “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” on PC Chrome devtool with device mode.


No repro here on beta 11+65.

Do you have posts which are still uncategorized? If you do they need to be categorised correctly for this to work.

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Thanks for your idea.
I have one default system post and it works well after deleting it!

But why it works on PC without deleting system post haha

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