Allow unregistered users to post as anonymous

The title says everything.

We need this feature for an internal Forum, does anyone knows a plugin or a other way?


I don’t think this is possible at the moment.


You might be able to change anonymous posting min trust level to 0. Seems dangerous, though.

Our Forum is only avaible from the Internal Network.

I think a guest function would be really handsome. anonymous posting Level = 0 only gives me the oppertunity to post as anonymous registered user, or?!

If there is no solution i must create a guestuser and communicate the entrance data to our employees.


same here. we’d also be interested in having unregistered (guest) visitors be able to post without any restrictions.

we’ve been running a homebrew forum software for the past 10 years with this feature. the forum was public and we didn’t have a single incident of a guest misusing his anonymity! (we’re a small community <10000 users).

when we switched to discourse we created a user named “guest” with pwd “guest” for anyone to use. now we noticed that there is a problem with multiple guests logged in at the same time, they see what each other is typing, which makes this kind of unusable…

our main rational behind a guest account is this:
we prefer to not impose on anyone to register with our forum if they only have a one-off quick question or comment. the time someone considers to register may already set them off in contributing to the discussion at all.

is there any chance to get true (optional of course) guest-posting functionality? or at least make a guest-account unique to maybe the IP it is logged in from?


It is not on our roadmap at the current time.

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Sorry to necro this

Will this feature be available any time soon, or ever?


This is still not on our roadmap. I do not expect it to be added to the roadmap, but things could certainly change in future years.


It is only possible to display the window while creating a topic when quest type in the content and then after pressing “post/create new topic” redirects on the login/registration page ?

How is that possible?

And yes allowing unregistered users to post would be a very nice feature to have.