Anonymous Plugin

(Bolarinwa Balogun) #1

I’m setting up discourse to be used as a discussion board for a school. One of the requested features was students can make a post where they appear as anonymous to other students but teacher is aware of the individual that made the post.
I was wondering if there was any plugin to this effect or any suggestions on how to achieve this.



Hi there,
You don’t need a plugin – anonymous posting is part of core. You can try it out yourself here. Click the spy icon from the avatar dropdown menu. In your own community you need to ensure that you have anonymous posting enabled in your site settings.

(David Taylor) #3

Normal users can’t see that button on Meta

I don’t think this bit is possible as part of core?:


Damn it. I always forget that. You’re right.

It is if the teacher is an admin. You can do an IP compare (which almost always works…). Come to think of it, that might be an issue in educational institutions if the users are grouped on a common IP.

(Bolarinwa Balogun) #5

Yes, grouping under a common IP would be an issue. Do you have any other suggestions on how admin could be made aware of the individual who make an anonymous post?


(Sam Saffron) #6

Impersonate and switch should work

(Bolarinwa Balogun) #7

Please, could you elaborate on this?

(Daniela) #8

As an admin you can impersonate the anonymous user:

Now you are the anonymous user:

and if you click on that icon you will return to be the original user (not anonymous) who wrote the message.

(David Taylor) #9

It looks like there’s a data explorer query for this as well:

(Bolarinwa Balogun) #10

Thank you for your explanation

(Bolarinwa Balogun) #11

Quick question
Is it possible for two people to share a single anonymous account? The reason I’m asking is if it’s possible, then the impersonate and switch might not be too effective.


(Daniela) #12

No, because every anonymous user have a different (autogenerated) email like this for example

(Makary Gołosz) #13

Ciao, Dax!
First of all, congratulations on joining the Team :discourse: ! As you seem to know functioning of anonymous mode pretty well, perhaps you’ll be able to tell me - is it possible to alter i.e. via plugin this very behaviour? That is, having only one @anonymous user serving as anonypuppet for all users?

(Daniela) #14

Thanks @MakaryGo!

If I understand your request you would like to create a unique user, for example Anon1, and make sure that all anonymous users on your forum write as Anon1 .

From an administrative point of view I do not think it’s a good idea. How could an administrator or moderator trace the identity of a user in case of problems?
How can users themselves understand who wrote what and respond accordingly?

BTW through the plugins you can do pretty much everything, including overriding the logic that uses Discourse in creating anonymous users. You should open a new topic on #dev and explain exactly what you would like to do and especially why, to get more information from the experts.