Post without signup?

(Raphael Haase) #1

Is there a way to allow posting anonymously without users signing up in Discourse?


Not while signed out, only users that have an account, you can enable " Allow Users to switch to anonymous mode" site setting in your forum, for users to be able to switch to a completely anonymous account.


If you use email-in, you can setup an email address for a category that will enable “anonymous users” to participate. This requires “staged users”, then in a category :

You need to setup the email address to forward to your installation’s discourse email (the one you POP.)

(Raphael Haase) #4

That looks like a good idea! I followed your link to staged users and do not understand the connection. Could it be that you linked the wrong URL?


Yes, you’re right. I corrected the link.

(VNV Jeep) #6

I have enabled this setting, however, I’m not seeing how you can switch to an anonymous account? How do you do this?

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Click or tap your user avatar at the upper right, then the spy / anonymous glyph.


I think they’re talking about staged users here though…

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Staged users haven’t logged in so that doesn’t make sense to me? You must log in to be able to switch to anonymous.


Agreed. I think there is some confusion stemming from this:

(VNV Jeep) #11

Yes! Thanks for that. Didn’t notice that inconspicuous little icon before. :wink:


Do you understand that a staged user won’t be able to do that though? They are only interacting with the site via email.

(VNV Jeep) #13

Yeah… Not a problem. The only users I’m concerned about are registered users on my site.