Post without signup?

Is there a way to allow posting anonymously without users signing up in Discourse?

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Not while signed out, only users that have an account, you can enable " Allow Users to switch to anonymous mode" site setting in your forum, for users to be able to switch to a completely anonymous account.

If you use email-in, you can setup an email address for a category that will enable “anonymous users” to participate. This requires “staged users”, then in a category :

You need to setup the email address to forward to your installation’s discourse email (the one you POP.)


That looks like a good idea! I followed your link to staged users and do not understand the connection. Could it be that you linked the wrong URL?

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Yes, you’re right. I corrected the link.

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I have enabled this setting, however, I’m not seeing how you can switch to an anonymous account? How do you do this?

Click or tap your user avatar at the upper right, then the spy / anonymous glyph.

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I think they’re talking about staged users here though…

Staged users haven’t logged in so that doesn’t make sense to me? You must log in to be able to switch to anonymous.

Agreed. I think there is some confusion stemming from this:

Yes! Thanks for that. Didn’t notice that inconspicuous little icon before. :wink:

Do you understand that a staged user won’t be able to do that though? They are only interacting with the site via email.

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Yeah… Not a problem. The only users I’m concerned about are registered users on my site.


AFAIK, this is not a core feature, is not available in a plugin, and is not planned in core:

FYI, three anonymous posting features have been requested multiple times. Only one is implemented:
:heavy_check_mark: allow a registered user to post anonymously (while signed in)
:x: allow an unregistered user to post anonymously
:x: allow a category that only has anonymous posts, i.e. even registered users can only make anonymous posts

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