Allow user to choose group on registration page

Hi all,

I would like to know if it’s possible add a dropdown on the registration page to allow to user to choose his group.

For example: You are a: “seller” / “buyer”

Thank you in advance

/admin/customize/user_fields will get you pretty close to what you’re after. If you also need it to be an actual user group then that’s a bit trickier. If it’s possible to run queries against custom fields then this would be doable by setting up a custom badge query. cc @team



Kind of an interesting request @sam though being able to join on the group page in a nice clean understandable way is step one.

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I think that is already the case, some groups can be self service as well


Were you able to accomplish requiring a user to join a group during registration? If so, how? @debynory

@erlend_sh this link isn’t working. Do you currently know of anyway of requiring group choice during registration? Thanks in advance!

If you have an external login system (SSO) you can sort users into groups that way at account creation using our API, otherwise you’d need a custom plugin to be able to do it in using Discourse’s native login system.


I see. I’ll definitely look into it. Do you recommend simple method to go about this? Coding is brand new to me, but I’m a good student and willing to do the hard work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@awesomerobot Hi Kris, your hint is very helpful. Do you have an idea where to find or how to create such custom plugin?