Allow users to anonymize themselves

Is it possible to have a button to anonymize themselves and kind of “delete” their account. I know us mods and admins can do that, but is it possible to allow a user to self-anonymize themselves?


This isn’t possible at the moment


Alright, no problem.

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Don’t have anything useful to add, but wanted to say that I support the suggestion / request. :+1:


So do I! It would be great if administrators could allow users to anonymize their own accounts.

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As long as there is a way for admins and moderators to find out who the (anonymized) user is.

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which is already possible I believe?

As long as we can disable this I’ll support it.

No it isn’t I dont think.

Doesn’t that kind of defeat the point? The current implementation of anonymization doesn’t allow that.


In non-strict mode, the staff action logs record the former username of the anonymized user.

(This is explicitly allowed under the GDPR as long as the records of the deletion request are only used to ensure you properly complied with the deletion request.)


An easy solution is to have the user send the mod tram a request and do it manually.