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Somehow continuing the discussion from Allow the users to deactivate or delete their accounts.

I’m the admin of , and a couple of users rightfully complained that they couldn’t delete their account.

So the first request is a feature request: quite frankly, the default should be that users should anonymize themselves, no matter when or what. It’s rather surprising to users and admin alike that this is not the case.

That said, it’s not terrible if they have to contact the admin to do it. But surprisingly, here comes the second issue: as an admin I can’t find such button. I can see the delete button, and it correctly warns me to anonymize it instead, but no anonymize button.

And the third and last question is: I changed the parameters so users can delete themselves (as said, I’d rather prefer a anonymize button). However, it’s not working. I can’t paste the image, but basically:

delete user max post age to max value
delete all posts max to max value
delete user self max post count to -1

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: Now focused only on the support part (thanks to Jakke!)


I’m not totally sure if you are looking for this, but you should open user’s profile and click admin, scroll down and you find somethng similar:

After given timelimits an user can’t do that, but an admin must do anonymizing. That is actually quite common solution, because it is inreversible action and users who want to delete account can be quite pissed off. And regret next day.

Total deletion is impossible when there is content. And that is good solution. Of course admins must check that there isn’t eft any personal references.


Thanks a lot Jakke! That suffices my immediate needs. Still, I think the feature request is relevant.

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Sure is. And I would like to give such ability to users too. Theirs decision. But… with that you are off topic and you should request such feature (or second those that are already requested) at feature

Strange enough I could change category but it is better if a real moderator does it — or even better: you do a new topic without support part :wink:


Here is a theme component that may be of interest

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