Allow users to change primary group or disconnect flair from primary group

We run forums for multiple games (primarily MMOs) and have groups for each game we support. Users can be in one or more of these groups and it would be nice if the users could decide which game they’re a member of is their primary one as they move from game to game.

We have very few administrators to keep security rights to a minimum, so it’s not feasible for them to maintain the lists.

It would be nice if users could either set primary group themselves or choose what flair they want to display like they can with titles. (or maybe just remove them altogether since that seems to be all they do)


In principle we totally support this change (I would like to see some UX mockup before putting PR welcome on this)

Internally it is a largish change to support this flexibility but it is a good change worth doing.


Would be a great feature.
I would like to see this too, users being able to select their principal group among the groups they belong to, and showing corresponding avatar flair.

It would be great if the title could show an image and not just text.
Instead of showing just “Administrator. Some Other groupr”, to the side of its nick, show small rectangular images.

I think it would not be difficult to implement, just permit select image or inser image code in group title.

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