Allow users to edit posts awaiting approval

Quite often posts awaiting approval require editing or further info from the poster - often these are new users who haven’t added enough info, or in specific sections where the topic template has not been followed. being able to provide feedback to these users and allow them to edit their posts would be very helpful :slight_smile:

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At the moment you would do that with a PM. I understand the request you kind of want it to work like flags where its more automatic. But a PM for now is going to have to do.


I guess you mean; approve thread > make PM > get changes made > clean up thread > move back to forum

We sometimes do that - or, if the user is new or seem like they may be a ‘bad actor’ move it to a members only ‘Moderation Queue’ section. This would actually be our preferred option IF we could make this section so that only staff and the Topic Starter can see Topics posted there. (This is what we do on other forums I manage.) This is preferable to using a PM because any staff member online can action the request, where when it’s a PM, only the person who moved it there can (and if they go unanswered will more than likely be forgotten).

We have the same request here. Any update on this feature request?

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