Ask a user to revise their post before approving it?

I have a created a moderated category where every user post has to be approved by a moderator. When a user submits a post, I as moderator see the option to accept, reject, and edit. (This is with a near vanilla recent install of Discourse).

For my use case, I need an additional option: “request revisions” - so that the user may make revisions to their proposed post so that it can be approved afterwards.

Is this something Discourse supports out of the box, or is there perhaps a plugin that would support this use case?


The lack of replies seems to indicate that this is not possible.

I tried editing the post as moderator while keeping it in the pending state, hoping that the submitter would see the edit. However, when I impersonate the submitter, there doesn’t seem to be any way for them to see a pending post they submitted. Is this correct?

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You are correct on both counts. Could you give us a better understanding of your use case? We might be able to suggest workarounds.

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I have encountered this difficulty too. Could we make it a #feature request?

The use case is a post which the author has put some time and effort into, but which needs a bigger edit than what the moderator is comfortable doing.

Also, I believe that it would promote positive engagement and better posting habits if we can have a constructive dialogue with the potential poster.


I’ve been using Discourse as a replacement for Piazza in a CS course. As part of students’ participation grade, I’d like for them to create a topic (or contribute to a topic) in a way that meets certain standards of quality. That’s why I moderate those specific posts: if it meets the standard of quality I set, I’ll approve it. If it doesn’t, however, I don’t just want to reject it - I’d like to point out what I feel is missing or could be improved before approving it.


This seems similar to this long-standing request:


So you want to be able to notify the user to edit their post while it remains in the Under Review state without rejecting it? Then you can review it a 2nd time before approving it?


Yes. BTW, it wouldn’t require support for a separate thread capturing this exchange - it would be ok for my use case if the poster saw the edits I made and had the change to make edits on their part while the post is in the pending state.


On that topic, I found that I am unable to tell if a pending post is a reply to an existing topic or a new topic in the moderated category.

This is very confusing. I want to reject duplicate posts that attempt to start a new topic while a previous topic about the same issue hasn’t been replied to.