Edits to require approval as well

Hello, on our forum we have certain categories and every post submitted there requires a moderator’s approval. However, once post is approved, users are free to edit it however they want without it triggering approval in our requests queue. Is there any way we can change it from the settings and set it so that when users edit their post, it requires to be approved by moderators again. I’ve seen it possible on other social platforms often.

I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible, though there is an open feature request you could add your thoughts to:


Not quite what your looking for but might be of use

You can set posts to be locked from editing, if that would help?

There are several settings that can be adjusted for that:

In addition by default the edit history is public, so original version of post will still be published unless you change setting for that.

If someone wants a locked post to be edited they could then submit a request for that to be done by a moderator.