Allow users to see trust level 3 progress on user profile

This topic is a little muddled with extra stuff that’s not particularly relevant to the feature request [1] , but I think this point is still pertinent:

I think someone else on a related topic also made this point:

There is the new Discourse Gamification plugin that can incentivise people to participate, and that has a leaderboard element to it, as well as configurable scoring too (you can see ours here Leaderboard). It’s not connected to Trust Levels though, so may not be suitable for your programme as is.

Though you can also get a fair idea of how close you are based on your user directory record. If you pick ‘Quarterly’ it should give you a reasonably close set of stats for the last 100 days (give or take 10 days or so :slight_smile: ).

  1. it may be worth a fresh one :slight_smile: ↩︎