Allowable file types .ACMI

hi i run a fotum about flight sims.

ther’s a program that allow to record fligth tracks to evaluate it!
it stores info in an .acmi files

remember topgun were they study their fights?

is it safe to allow such a file extension?
can i force that only community members are allowed to upload such files?

@fearlessfrog handy for you too (if you haven’t solved the problem already!)

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You can add any file extensions you need in the site settings.


yeah i know!
what i’m asking is if it’s safe to do it!

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Safe is relative in this case and boils down to if the files can be executed and cause issues for other users. And also, the community members also matter. Is it a small trust-filled community or a really large one.

There are also other factors that matter when asking if it is safe. Safe is relative, you’d be the best judge of that.

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if i can enforce only members to be able to upload acmi files it would be a no brainer!

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Discourse only allows uploads from logged in users.


can i enforce a minimum trust level?

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