Allowed email domains: how to add all edu domain names?

There are some spam users in our forum recently registered with all kinds of strange email addresses, so we are considering to use the feature “allowed email domains” to restrict registration to some level. But i have a question: if I want to allow all edu emails domains, such as,, etc. how can i set this up properly? I tried to put “*.edu” in the settings but it seems to break this feature.


I just checking this and it seems to from regex :arrow_down_small:

That is enough if you add edu to allowed email domains setting. It will block all domain except .edu on registration.


I’ve just had a quick run-through on my test site, and I managed to add just the edu equivalent part with no dot or wildcard, and that seemed to work okay.

Aah, @dodesz pipped me to it. :slight_smile:


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