Limit registration to specific educational domain email address?

Hello, I am currently building a community website that only accept the student from my campus. What I’m trying to do is to customize the email format of the registration form. Every student in my campus has one’s own email address that is identified by student id. So, I would like to receive only the student id and I can send confirmation email to the student without knowing the whole address (and also great to defend spammers).

I used to be a express/nodejs developer and new to the ruby on rails framework (interested in learning emberJS though). Is it possible to change the form by changing source code? Or this kind of approach is entirely prohibited/impossible? Thank you!!

Have you seen the email domains whitelist setting? That solves the problem of restricting members to your school. I don’t think that people having to type the domain name of the school is especially arduous.

Another thing to consider is SSO. Are you formally connected to the school so that you might authenticate against some service that the school provides?


First of all, thank you for the reply. I have not checked it yet. I just installed discourse and currently playing with it. If that function works, it would be fantastic.

The website is my private project (but school knows this project). I think I cannot get any means of authentication from school. I’m simply doing this for the sake of my friends.

Oh, it works. Terrific!! Thanks a million!! :smiley:

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Glad that worked, @kalihman! If your school uses Google apps (e.g., your school’s email system is gmail), you can configure Discourse to authenticate against gmail (as well as facebook, and others), as you may have noticed when you logged in here.