Use of an asterisk in blocked email domains prevents registration from any email address

Per this topic: Users can't make new account (register error)

I’ve been testing various permutations of blocked email domains and ascertained that if an admin includes an asterisk as a wildcard then all registrations will fail.

To replicate I added * as a blocked domain on a test site. I tried to register from both a gmail account and a - both attempts were met with: Something went wrong, perhaps this email is already registered, try the forgot password link

Wildcards aren’t necessary in that field, will already block all subdomains *


Two additional observations:

  • Inviting a user is still possible with the above, an email address is accepted and invite is sent


  • The invite can’t be accepted, instead returning a 500 error

Thanks @Stephen for the report. This is being tracked and is assigned to an engineer to disallow wildcard characters in this site settings.


@Stephen Thanks for the report. This has been fixed.