Allowing category moderators to View Hidden Posts

It appears that category moderators may not be able to view hidden posts. It dawned on me that there is something wrong with the code here.

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I don’t know, but should hidden posts be visible to anyone who can edit the post?

Regarding who can see hidden posts, the current logic requires that the user must be in a specific group. However, users with edit permissions can view hidden posts by “editing” anyway. This may be a little strange.

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FWIW You can’t see the content of a hidden post by opening it up in edit mode.

I do think Category Moderators should be able to see the content of flagged hidden posts though, and specifically in the same manner as a Moderator would if possible (ie. open but greyed out, rather than behind the ‘view ignored content’ click-to-see screen a member of the view hidden posts setting would get).


Please split this thread to a new topic, I’ll discuss some boundary conditions about who can see hidden posts

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For the current feature of hidden posts visible group, we have some boundary conditions that are currently not ideal.

  1. Category moderators should be able to edit users’ posts; however, currently category moderators who are not part of thehidden posts visible group cannot see hidden posts, and cannot get the post content even if they click edit.

  2. Currently hidden wiki posts cannot be edited by normal users. Not only that, clicking the edit button does nothing. Looking at the console reveals the following errors:

Object { jqXHR: {…}, textStatus: "error", errorThrown: "Forbidden" }