How to prevent that hidden post can be expanded

is there a way to prevent users (and in a public category even anonymous users) to expand hidden posts by clicking on the “view hidden post”?


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Just change this setting to 0 so they delete immediately

delete removed posts after

no these are not deleted posts, just hidden posts due to flagging (automatically hidden due to several flags or hidden due to accepted flags by the moderators).
So changing this setting would not help. :wink:

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I know… Once they are hidden if you set that setting to 0 then the hidden content will automatically be deleted so nobody can view it. Or hide via css?

well but the content should not be deleted, it should just kept hidden until the user corrects the post.
Well perhaps via css, I will check that later.
But perhaps someone does already know a solution.


Is there a way for the user to correct the post if it’s not visible? If you want to make the view 1 hidden reply link not visible, that line is <div class="gap">view 1 hidden reply</div> so you can just .gap {display: none}. Not sure what else the gap class covers that you’ll also end up hiding though

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