Allowing more than 3 messages in a row, case by case

I have a peculiar situation in which the curator of a software posts updates about what he’s been working on in a thread dedicated to that topic.

I would like for him to be able to post as many messages in a row as he wishes in that topic. Is there (or will there ever be) a way to achieve that?

The 3-in-a-row limit doesn’t apply to the topic creator, so as long as they’re adding posts to a topic they started then they should be fine.

(Assuming you don’t want to change the ‘max consecutive replies’ setting for everyone)


I see, so the problem is that somebody else started the topic about his software…
I guess there’s no way to change that? Opening a new thread would lose all the content.

An admin[1] can change ownership of the OP (using the admin wrench in the post), or you could slide over the posts into a new topic with that particular user as the new topic OP?

  1. (or moderator if the ‘moderators change post ownership’ setting is enabled) ↩︎


I’ll try your suggestions.


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