No more than 3 consecutive replies?

I typed somewhere in a post, and i replied to myself, but then this happened:

What’s happening? (Also, please don’t report this post. I want to know what is happening)

@Canapin I reached the max post for the day, so i’m doing this

But, i only posted once, and i’m a member there. And it stopped me from replying

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There is an admin parameter: max consecutive replies
which is the Number of posts in a row a user can make in a topic before being prevented from adding another reply. This limit does not apply to the topic owner, site staff, or category moderators.


To add a bit more to Benjamin’s answer, this is a default setting that prevents users from posting too many posts after each other to encourage people to edit their post and add information instead.

I’m going to close this topic as it has been asked many times : Search results for '"no more than 3 consecutive replies"' - Discourse Meta