Limit consecutive replies for topic owner?


I can see that the Limit Consecutive Replies is set to 3 and it does make sense in general but in our community, some users have started small personal “Blogs” in our Book o Remembrance. the creator is generally speaking the only one posting. These users are now limited to 3 posts

Is this an absolute limit? after the third post are not allowed any more replies there, full stop. Can they wait say 15 mins to post more?

Is there a way to increase this limit in a specific category?

Is there a way to start a “blog” category that does not have that limit?




Yes! Agreed, we ran into this situation early on and added a new rule that

  • if you created the topic
  • you can reply as many times as you like to it

@nbianca made this change today or yesterday it is already in, so pull latest to get it.


That’s brilliant! just what we needed. I’ll get in to it.




what do you mean with “pull latest to get it”?

We (well, our IT guys) have tried and get:

git status
On branch master
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
nothing to commit, working tree clean

Is there another way of do we have to wait to the next Discourse update?

View source to compare your version with what is here on meta. Look for the version meta-tag which corresponds to public github version.


I might leave it to the next update, this is too complex for me

  1. Visit /admin/upgrade
  2. Press the Upgrade button

That’s all that should be required to get the latest version.

Is that the Upgrade button that appears under the “Insalled” version? I use that to upgrade but still not there.

No, you’ll need to visit the URL path I indicated.


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