Allowing users of lower trust levels to invite others

I would like to allow my users to invite others. Unfortunately, the only way I see how to do it is either to wait for them to attain trust level 2, or give everyone that trust level by default (which I would rather not do).

Is it possible to set the minimal trust level requirements for sending invites to a lower number than 2? I’d like to let users with trust level 0 to invite their friends.

P.S. - I am using Discourse’s official hosted solution.

There is no way to do this, unfortunately. While you can modify the requirements needed to reach the next TL, you cannot generally modify what privileges are obtained at each.


Any plans on adding support for this?

It would be nice to be able to let more people give out invites without having to take a more drastic measures of just giving more people a higher trust level.

Thing is TL2 gives you very little on top of this feature:

Only real additional privilege is 50% more likes. So, if you are looking at giving TL1 invite powers, might as well just skip having TL1 altogether.


Thanks @sam

I’m actually interested in giving invite powers to TL0.

Many of our users have been with us in our Telegram channel for a while now, and as we’re transitioning to Discourse as the main place for discussions, we’d like to help our long time Telegram members encourage their friends to join as soon as possible.

If you read the link Sam provided TL2 is Member, which only requires 15 days to earn.

If they’re long term members as you describe them you probably want to bump them to TL2 to begin with.

Thanks @Stephen, I did read it. But as I mentioned, I don’t want to give all users that join my forum an elevated trust level to begin with… I’d just like to give them access to this one feature.

I really wish there was a way for me to modify the trust level required for getting invite powers.

I understand the need to make some product decisions in order to not overcomplicate a product, and keep it more user friendly… however in this case it seems like this decision is really causing me to need to jump through hoops and make serious trade-offs in order to make a simple customization to my forum.

I understand Tal, but what you are describing is asking for a TL0 with partial TL2 rights.

The trouble here is that TL0 is there to prevent abuse by spam bots, all the rights TL1 has are rights you want every member to have. TL2 is TL1 + invite. By granting TL0 invite you are making the spam protection kind of pointless, so why keep it in place anyway?

In general we opt to make is complicated to make changes to the product we think are dangerous and you seem to have hit one here.

The way I see it you really have 2 options here:

  1. Give everyone TL2 and forgo all spam protection give by TL0

  2. Keep TL0 (which really only lasts 15 minutes) and then forgo TL1 changing reqs so people go from T0 direct to TL2.

I understand the desire here, but invite is a big spam vector. It feels very dangerous to allow it completely unchecked.


OK, thank you @sam for the detailed response.

P.S. - I see you there @codinghorror tweaking the post in the background :wink:

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