Users can't invite people

Since going live we have had an issue with our users being unable to invite users signup for the community.

I know this is limited to users able TL2 but users who are TL2 and above do not have the ability to invite users, there just isn’t an option available within their account.

is this a bug or is there something else i need to do to activate this functionality?

I’ve got SSO disabled, local logins enabled, and when logged in as a TL2 user I see no Invite link within my profile.

Same behavior on my site. Users with trustlevel cannot invite other people. Only I’m able to invite users (as admin).

Can anyone tell me what problem can occur so that the invite-feature is not working?

Invite feature works as designed; I just tested it on – everything hinges on being a trust level 2 user, as described in all the Discourse documentation.

I signed up with new account (all accounts default to trust level 1 there). I can’t send invites as a TL1 user. The share button on the topic does not present the option, and there is no invites tab on my user profile. Like so:

However, once I granted the new account trust level 2, notice that the share button on the topic now offers the invite option:

Invites can be sent via the invite dialog

Furthermore, as a trust level 2 user, I can track the status of all my invites via the invite tab on my user profile:

Perhaps you have some other site setting enabled that prevents invites from working? Is your site set to private? (For example, SSO / DiscourseConnect used to prevent invites from working, but I believe this is no longer the case.)

Thanks for your answer. But all users are on Trust Level 2. But my site have activated sign in with Discord (SSO). So the bug maybe still exists?