Allowing users to delete replies to their topics?

I’d like to allow users to delete replies to topics they start in a specific category.

I’m looking for this feature because I’m treating a category as a way for users to post drafts (of tutorials) that other users can reply to. The author of the topic might then update the draft, and I don’t want every thread to fill up with “here’s a typo” “okay, typo fixed” posts. So the idea is that I’d like the author to be able to delete replies as they are dealt with and are no longer issues.

However, I don’t want to just give every user the right to delete any reply from any topic. Just ones they start. I also don’t want to use the flag feature, as the replies aren’t bad or spam- in fact, they’re probably very helpful, just not after they’re dealt with!

Is there a way to do this through the configuration of a topic?

Alternatively: is this a horrible idea? Is there a better approach I might take?

The idea of OP super-powers makes me very nervous. In reality the need to moderate your own topic is something that pops up very rarely.

Instead have the OPs flag stuff that needs deletion, that is the role of moderators and ensures the process has checks and balances.

Thanks for the reply, @sam

I was afraid of using the flag feature because I don’t want these posts to count against anybody.

That’s based on an assumption that flagged posts are stored somewhere in a “bad” category instead of simply deleted altogether.

I think what I’ll do is just suggest that the people who wrote the replies can delete them.

If they use the “Notify” there will be no demerits counted.

Each notify is a PM, which would be very noisy unless you really needed to send a unique message to the moderators. Simply defer the flags and there are no consequences for anyone.