Users can't delete their own posts

someone tell me he can’t delete his post in a specific catagorie
but i don’t know how to change the authority

thanks for your help

I think this may be working as expected? Was it as topic that had picked up some replies?

If so, this is to prevent someone from deleting other people’s content. You can delete your own topics (within your edit window) as long as they don’t have any replies yet. After that you’d need to flag it so a mod/admin could do it.

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thanks for your reply

There is no any reply in this post test simpread - 🗣️闲聊 - 始徒

and I have tested other posts in this category, they also can’t be deleted

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It’s this small action post from the create post for category and tag changes setting that’s doing it for that topic:

That one still counts as a post even though it’s mainly informational.


wow!I solve it!
Thank you

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