Why I cannot delete my topic

(Bank Live) #1

And my website is same problem.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

In Discourse, users can delete replies, but not whole topics. This is intentional: Deleting topics can cause too much harm, for example when a user is already composing a reply.

(Bank Live) #3

Ok Thank you very much.

(Régis Hanol) #4

This is the 2nd report I’ve seen of this “issue” in the last 7 days. One thing that might help would be to show the delete button on the first post but pop up a modal explaining why they can’t delete the topic and how to contact staff if they really want to delete it.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Sure good idea feel free to make it so.

(Bank Live) #7

Good idea. I think there should be a description for them when they want to delete posts. :smiley:

(sh) #8

I personally believe there should be this feature available and let amins/members decide to use or not.

In my site, some users wanted to have this with many valid reasons. After some discussions and a poll, we have decided to let OP deletes own topics only and only if there is no replies.

I have enabled the delete button on topics and set a good old cron job shooting a query into Postgres every hour.

(Brandon Lamar nicholson) #9

I think the reason why on forums like these can't delete the topic, is because of post count, let's just say that someone created an topic back in 2014 called "last post wins" and right now their probably like 12089 posts already created, if that topic were to be deleted or by accident, then all the post in it will be deleted too, and you won't see the post you created their because it will say " sorry, you can't access the topic right now" because it had been deleted.

Let’s say you have

5892 posted created

The number of post in “last post wins” you posted were 2980

If the topic was accidentally deleted,

Then that will take away 2980 from your post count