Why I cannot delete my topic

(Bank Live) #1

And my website is same problem.

(Felix Freiberger) #2

In Discourse, users can delete replies, but not whole topics. This is intentional: Deleting topics can cause too much harm, for example when a user is already composing a reply.

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Ok Thank you very much.

(Régis Hanol) #4

This is the 2nd report I’ve seen of this “issue” in the last 7 days. One thing that might help would be to show the delete button on the first post but pop up a modal explaining why they can’t delete the topic and how to contact staff if they really want to delete it.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Sure good idea feel free to make it so.

(Bank Live) #7

Good idea. I think there should be a description for them when they want to delete posts. :smiley:

(sh) #8

I personally believe there should be this feature available and let amins/members decide to use or not.

In my site, some users wanted to have this with many valid reasons. After some discussions and a poll, we have decided to let OP deletes own topics only and only if there is no replies.

I have enabled the delete button on topics and set a good old cron job shooting a query into Postgres every hour.

(Régis Hanol) #11

@maja added the modal explaining why the user can’t delete their topic and what to do in

(Ismael Posada Trobo) #12

I totally agree with @icanhasr00t. For buy/selling communities this would be super useful, removing the need for admin/moderatos to be worried about deleting every single item that was sold as consequence of being flagged by the user. (Honestly, it’s a bit hard to remove ~100 topics per day, when at some point could exist the possibility of automate this).

Wouldn’t be possible to create a new global setting, allowing tls users to remove topics, including all posts, all likes, everything behind in case there are? I’m sure it will be much appreciated.

I also like the way of warning users with a modal dialog ;-), but…


(Jeff Atwood) #13

You bring up a good point, you could allow users to delete their own topics via a site setting if you are OK with the replies getting deleted along with them.

(Ismael Posada Trobo) #14

I was hitting my mind, and even I thought that can be considered to send a notification everytime a user deletes a topic (and the posts/likes that come along with), as it’s done when a user flags a topic for deletion. The setting delete removed posts after can be taken into account , so that before that period, an administrator could revoke the deletion action performed by a user.

This new setting of course would come disabled by default, let’s say following the phylosophy of discourse forums, but will range new discourse approaches and will leave admins/moderators more time to focus on other developments.

Is this considered to come included in the core in the short/long term? FMHO, this should be re-considered. I know this a recurrent question, and I read tons of posts about this topic, but it’s a matter of ranging more scenarios within the wonderful world of Discourse.


(Régis Hanol) #15

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