Alternate Logo On Different Theme

Hey all!

Just curious if anyone knows of a way that you are able to use an alternative logo on different themes. For example, if the forum were to make a retro theme, we would add a retro logo. Having a modern logo is kind of out of place so being able to have a different type of logo on the different theme would be nice, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to actually do this. Please let me know!


It would be nice to have this fuctionality expanded with a theme component, but currently you can have two logos. One for normal theme, and one for dark mode.

So in Settings-> Branding you have your standard logo

But you also have the dark mode logo

Your dark mode doesn’t have to be dark. So you can essentially make a main theme, and a retro theme. If you wanted more than that you would probably need a theme component.


We deprecated the theme component because it was mostly used for dark mode logos (which are now in Discourse settings by default)… but I’d expect this to still work: GitHub - discourse/discourse-alt-logo

This allows you to add some logo URLs to the theme component settings, and then you’d add this theme component to the theme you want to have different logos. Maybe we should still maintain this component with the different logos for different themes use case in mind :thinking:


I have one community that is for many universities and sets the logo to their institution according to their primary group.

Do you know how I would be able to do that?