Alternative to POP3 -> Mandrill?

(Helmi) #1


is it possible to use services like Mandrill or Sendgrid for incoming mail, too (for email replies or post by email)? For example Mandrill offers to handle incoming mail and you can define rules what happens with them. Forwarding them to Discourse via the API would be great.

Anyone did that yet? Working somehow?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

We are hesitant to do this as it would tie us to a specific provider. You can search for IMAP to see future plans here.

(Helmi) #3

Well S3 support also ties you to a specific provider (at least one that supports S3 compatibility) :wink: But i got your point. Will search around for the IMAP plans and use POP3 so far. Thanks for your reply.

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