Alternative Voting Category Style

Thanks for confirming that is fixed!

The smaller width was based on the original design. The rationale was that there was so little information displayed on each topic row that it would look odd at full width. I can imagine some people might feel the opposite - that the smaller width looks odd. A width option to toggle via a theme setting would be an easy addition. I’ll add that to my to-do list with this.


This component has been updated! The changes include:

  • Support for font awesome changes
  • Additional setting to toggle between small-width and large-width

Does this component still work?

I use an instance of and am looking for an alternative for the Discourse Vote Plugin

The component still works, but it is meant to be used alongside the voting plugin, not instead. It only provides an alternative style option for the voting plugin.


Ah, now I get it, thanks for your attention :hugs:


Is somebody still actively using this? Tried it with the current Version of the voting Plugin (0.5), looks pretty good, but doesn’t seem to be functional anymore - at least in our instance.

Can you elaborate on what isn’t functioning? I just tested it out and everything seems to be working. Noting that this component is purely styling right now. You aren’t able to vote directly from the topic list.


thanks for the immediate reply!!!


Noting that this component is purely styling right now. You aren’t able to vote directly from the topic list.

Ok, I did not realise that. I thought it would actually allow exactly that: Voting from the topic list. Good to know. Need to reevaluate then.

It does not seem to show the actual data/votes. Two pictures here: one with the style activated and one deactivated.

I suspected a conflict with the theme used, but even using another one, it does not seem to solve the issue.

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Hmm I just tested it on an up-to-date site and I’m not having any issues with the vote count or “I voted” indicator:

Can you check to see if there are any errors in your browser’s console? Have you tried with a brand new default theme with no other components or customizations added?


You should be able to add a CSS rule to a theme/component to fix this up. I don’t have the Ratings plugin installed to test this, but I think it should be something like:

.rating-list {
  margin-left: 65px;

I’m actually doing some work on this component right now (it hadn’t been touched in a long time!), so I’ll see if I can make it so that any custom topic list content is positioned correctly by default.


Perfect, thank you :ok_hand:

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I have installed this theme component and enabled it in two categories. One looks buggy, the other one looks good. The difference is that the name of the category is appearing in the list, overlapping with the vote count. The only difference I can think of, is that the category with the bug has subcategories, while the other one hasn’t.

Buggy, has subcategories:

Good, no subcategories:

In case it helps, this is the Default theme with Grey Amber color palette.

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Thanks for the report! If you update the component, you should get the following fix:


Thank you so much for this hyperfast reaction! The fix works.

PS: please add the #voting tag, this components is too good to hide it. :slight_smile:


Is there a theme component which makes the vote indicator on individual topics have that same look?

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This component also hides the columns showing participants, views, and activity time. It might be nice to have that separated, so one could easily enable just the vote styling change without also hiding those?

Or — move

  .activity {
    display: none;

to inside of @if $use_compact_width == "true" {


Not that I am aware of, but I think it probably makes sense to have more consistency in the styling there.

Sure, I can add some better flexibility here.

I have a huge update to this component that’s been in the works, but I’ve not had the time to finish it. If an opportunity doesn’t open up soon, I’ll try to get these quick fixes in at the very least.


@tshenry, I have just installed the plugin, thank you for providing it! But it’s not correctly showing votes in the main page, do you have any idea why this might be happening? See the screenshot below.


Hmm, I’m not immediately sure based on your screenshot. I just checked and the component is working fine on my site. Based on the vote count box displaying at all, I’m pretty sure you had refreshed the page and enabled voting in that category before that screenshot was taken.

A few questions that might help:

  • What version of Discourse you are running?
  • Are you running any third-party plugins?
  • When you open your browser’s console, do you see any errors?
  • Are subcategories involved at all?

@tshenry: Using Discourse 2.8.0.beta11.

These are my installed plugins:

Here are my installed theme components:


There are no subcategories, and no errors in browser’s console.

If you want to check it yourself, I kept the theme enable in this category, just go to BIZ Feature Requests - TMS Support Center.

Thank you very much for your help.