Alternative Voting Category Style

Not that I am aware of, but I think it probably makes sense to have more consistency in the styling there.

Sure, I can add some better flexibility here.

I have a huge update to this component that’s been in the works, but I’ve not had the time to finish it. If an opportunity doesn’t open up soon, I’ll try to get these quick fixes in at the very least.


@tshenry, I have just installed the plugin, thank you for providing it! But it’s not correctly showing votes in the main page, do you have any idea why this might be happening? See the screenshot below.


Hmm, I’m not immediately sure based on your screenshot. I just checked and the component is working fine on my site. Based on the vote count box displaying at all, I’m pretty sure you had refreshed the page and enabled voting in that category before that screenshot was taken.

A few questions that might help:

  • What version of Discourse you are running?
  • Are you running any third-party plugins?
  • When you open your browser’s console, do you see any errors?
  • Are subcategories involved at all?

@tshenry: Using Discourse 2.8.0.beta11.

These are my installed plugins:

Here are my installed theme components:


There are no subcategories, and no errors in browser’s console.

If you want to check it yourself, I kept the theme enable in this category, just go to BIZ Feature Requests - TMS Support Center.

Thank you very much for your help.


Thanks for the great component.

We’ve just noticed that the boxes with the number of votes have stopped showing. We’ve also recently upgraded to Discourse 2.9.0.beta8 (89d43235c4) which might be related?

To see it live, please see:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, has anyone any suggestions? Anyone else also having this issue?

Give me a few more days. Big update is almost done that will fix everything and add some new features. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: I didn’t quite wrap up the changes this week. Will do my best next week!


Thank you, much appreciated :+1:

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Thanks for your patience @Luke_Cousins! Everything should be fixed up now.

:warning: Note to everyone that uses this component – you will likely need to re-add categories to the voting categories theme setting. Unfortunately that is the cost of improving the setting to use the new category picker.

There are some surprise new settings that I added (default off) that hopefully some of you will find useful. I’ll announce them in more detail and update the OP at some point soon.

Please be sure to report any issues :slight_smile:


Sorry, for the delay getting back to you @Taylor, I have been away.

This update is excellent, thank you! Being able to vote directly from the list is a great improvement. The only issue I see now is that the vote button is off-centre versus the number of votes. Does anyone else have this issue?

Thanks again!

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Any update on this button positioning?

Also, it might not be related to this theme-component, but we also have this issue with the “Latest” sorting:

Thanks for your help.

Yes, we are also seeing the misaligned arrow. And what about the tags without a space in between, are you able to reproduce this as well?

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Actually, I think I just caught a much nastier bug. Can it be that this component breaks the category page for anonymous users?

The page renders correctly if the component is disabled.

My turn to apologize :blush: Sorry for the delay here @Luke_Cousins. The alignment issue should be fixed now! Thank you for the report!

Thanks for reporting this! There was an additional check that needed to be added to account for anonymous users.

Both issues are fixed with the following commit. Please update the component when you have a moment and let me know if you run into any other issues.


Thanks @Taylor for those fixes, much appreciated and I can confirm both work for us :+1:

@quimgil We do also have this issue, but you can fix it by creating your own Theme Component and adding this CSS. There’s probably a better solution (and of course a fix in the actual package), but this did the trick for us for now :smile:

.voting-category.list-container {
    .discourse-tag {
        margin-right: 6px !important;
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@tshenry Thank you so much! I can also confirm that both problems are fixed in the new version.

About the lack of space between tags:

Thank you @Luke_Cousins ! I felt too lazy about creating a component and just slapped your code under the main CSS. It seems to do the job as well. :tada:

I think I’ve found a bug…

If the category settings are set to Default List Filter: all topics, everything is fine. However, if this setting is set to no subcategories, then the compoennt doesn’t render when clicking to the category. Once there, if you reload, then and only then it will render.

Another bug reported by a user. The number of votes cannot be seen in dark mode:

This is Discourse’s default theme, with the user selecting Dark mode in their preferences.

I want to ask about showing “vote-count-before-title” on mobile interface, can you add this option? I really like how to display listing or discus on product page, hope this can inspire you to develop theme-component

This is a mod by @Don to get theme-component working on phone after i asked for help, i really appreciate it. FKB Pro - Social theme - #83 by dodesz