Alternatives to ❤ for promoting / supporting posts?

(Quim Gil) #1

Liking a first post is a good way to support or promote a topic. Using the paradigm of :heart: - Like works pretty well in a forum like this one, mainly dedicated to “positive” topics.

However, today I found myself unable to “Like” a topic in our website, even if I really wanted to promote it and increase its potential visibility. The problem was that the topic featured very sad news. I feared that “liking” the post could be interpreted as me supporting a massacre.

There is no lack of sad news, and some of them will be featured in sites with a Discourse forum. I wonder whether anyone has implemented or thought about implementing an alternative paradigm. For instance, a :star: would be more emotionally neutral but still supportive and clear.

It must be acknowledged that Twitter gets away with hearts as well, and there is no lack of sad news being promoted by users there. Facebook started with the famous :+1: “Like” only, but they addressed this problem some years ago by adding an array of emoticons, including sadness and anger.


Check out this plugin:

Also this might be a helpful topic:

(Kane York) #3

My solution to that has been to recast the “like” in my mind from “I like what this post is talking about” to “Thank you for sharing this, [even though it’s upsetting]”.

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

What do you think about a dedicated topic?