Always-Anonymous Categories Plugin

Do you get a “post needs approval” modal that pops up after posting? The post goes through and doesn’t actually needs review but you get the alert.

I recently forked this into a private repo to implement the fix that @Daniel_Lopes posted, and while it works, I do receive the same pop-up about needing moderation, though the post gets made immediately. It’s more of a nag than anything else, but I’d love to resolve this.

Please note that Daniel made an additional fix in his repository that he did not mention in this topic.

Just fork his repo and you’ll be fine.



This plugin working correctly or not ? because i did enable the option

Force posts to be anonymous in this category

and it’s keep unchecked, how we can make the category post being anonymously ?


I have repaired the plugin, it is now working on latest tests-passed and latest stable again.

Please note that the correct repository is GitHub - communiteq/discourse-anonymous-categories: Always-anonymous categories for Discourse


Thank you! Feel free to reach out to us as we roll out the complete Ember CLI upgrade, which is years in the making, and will get us up to the current version of Ember… we’re paying down massive amounts of tech debt here courtesy @eviltrout :clap:


Users on my instance noticed that the presence functionality (“[user icon] is replying…”) in anonymous categories partly blows the anonymity. Do we just have to disable presence site-wide to prevent this?