Always seeing 2 new topics due to babble plugin

When I reload my forum, I see New (2) allways, even if I have read the topics, its still there…
Its not removing the (2) mark when I enter the new posts.
Also When I enter the New Page (Clicking the New (2) button), it doesnt show any new page.

I dont get any errors in /logs

Are you in readonly mode?

No, Its in normal mode

Either your install is broken or you have entered bad site settings, would be my guess.

It was working before my last panel update. I has discourse running for 1 year :sadpanda:

The only thing I can think of is that you’ve messed with category permissions or have messed around with “Shared Drafts” as one of your categories.

Maybe the shared Drafts? I dont even know what thy are but I’ve not changed any category in last days

I get only 1 new topic now :weary:.

In the “New” page I dont see the number of new topics anywhere(Its OK), its just on main page.
Also I have had the “Last visit” red line under the last post that someone posted on my forum for a day long and I still have it

After Babble plugin update, I dont see anymore the New bug… So I hope its fixed :slight_smile: Thanks!