Visiting "Top" causes "New" count to become "1"

###Steps to reproduce

  1. During a period of inactivity on site
  2. Load clean homepage:
  3. Click “New” tab
  4. Ensure “New” tab lists no new topics
  5. Click “Top” tab

###Expected result

  1. Top content to display
  2. New count to not be displayed i.e. just “New”

###Actual result

  1. Top content to display
  2. New count displayed as “New (1)”

###Additional note
Refreshing the page removes the count displaying just “New”. This is reproduceable each time after page refresh.

###Screen captures of event occuring
Note that this problem occurs in desktop and mobile mode.

Verison: Discourse 1.2.0.beta6 - version 10403676d74887e470bce523569943821672fece

It is reproducible for me as well - except - it’s not 1, but 3 for me.

This bug still exists on meta:

Discourse 1.3.0.beta1 - version 3e2ba5b30b1a24bc685f5782ad63e0b74664277d

Hmm, now my “3” is 2

This no longer occurs for me.

@Mittineague is this also fixed for you?

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I can’t reproduce it now.

And I can’t recall the last time it happened it was so long ago the last time I did notice it happening. .

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I think this one can be closed, I remember Sam working in this area a some time between reporting and now.