Always show category boxes

When you enter with the mobile to my forum, only the recent box appears

If you only want to go to a specific category, you have to open the despeblabe menu, click on categories and then search for it and open it so that

I see that it is a waste of time, I would like that when you enter my forum there is always the category and subcategory box


In you’ll find a parameter allowing you to select your default homepage.

For the whole forum the parameter is top menu, the first element of the list is also the homepage (so you’d want categories)

But what I would like is that the category boxes always appear, if I put categories as the home page they do not appear. Also I would like the home page to be latest posts
this is what i get

and this is what I would like


:thinking: weird, I thought this was it but now I can’t find the state of category breadcrumb you describe, I might have misunderstood/be mistaken :sweat_smile: .
Is the screenshot, where “todas las categorias” and “todas” both appear in the breadcrumbs, an actual page, and if so, what is its url ? ?

Considering this topic: Category pulldown search does not show subcategories , it might not be a good UI idea, as you would have too much subcategories in the dropdown, without any category selected, also the search feature of the category dropdown does include the subcategories.

This image is not from a valid url. It is an image that I made with paint. I would love my forum to be like this. That the categories boxes will always appear on the main page. And also the last messages read. My forum has too many categories so I can’t put categories as the main page. Thank you

Then I think unfortunately there is no parameter to achieve your goal, my guess for the easiest way would be a plugin to display the subcategories within the category in its dropdown (as in the topic creation one) and display it in the latest mobile view.
At least for now and for the desktop view you might what to consider changing desktop category page style to “categories and latest” and displaying categories as homepage.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I don’t mind that it doesn’t show subcategory. I am satisfied that the category box always appears in the mobile version

In the computer version it is always there and I love that.


so you’d have to remove the hidden class of the ol.category-breadcrumb element, almost the opposite of this one: Display all categories menu only inside the categories
Not sure how though :thinking:

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If it is something similar. In the desktop version it is always there, in the mobile version it is hidden if you are not in a category.
Thank you for helping. I can wait as long as it takes

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I’m really not qualified for this, so tread carefully, but… it works ! :sweat_smile:
you can personalize your theme, and add in the mobile/head tab:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
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Thanks, I wrote the code here:
Now the menu always appears, although it takes time to load
Although the menu changed shape, now it is like this

Before when you entered a category, this detachable came out

Can I have the menu as before without the description?thanks

I think

.category-desc {
    display: none;


ps. on desktop you can add ?mobile_view=1 and ?mobile_view=0 to an url, to toggle to and from mobile view.

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Thank you very much for everything, you have helped me a lot. I am going to continue investigating, perhaps being a script it does not always load it, for example if I enter a category and then I peek at the logo to go home sometimes it does not appear and I have to update the web

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I am willing to pay or make a donation in the amount they tell me. It can? Or hire someone